21 November 2016

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

2012—London Family Planning Summit

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation confirmed its existing funding of US $24 million per year between now and 2020 for family planning. As part of this commitment, the Packard Foundation will establish grantmaking strategies that are aligned with goals of the London Summit on Family Planning. The Foundation will work to strengthen donor and recipient country government’s partnership, political will and funding commitments for family planning. The Packard Foundation commits to continuing to improve the quality and effectiveness of family planning programs and services in the targeted regions where Packard is present, and to increasing women’s and girls’ ability to make informed decisions, utilizing the most appropriate family planning programs and services in their context. Packard Foundation funding is subject to decisions by its Board of Trustees and the performance of the Foundation’s endowment.



The David and Lucile Packard Foundation commits $120 million over the next 4 years to ensure that family planning and reproductive health information and services are more accessible to all. It will support new funding initiatives that promote women’s leadership at global, regional, national and local levels to revitalize political will and build new momentum to support increased investment in reproductive health and improved reproductive health outcomes for couples in Bihar, India. The Foundation has also partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support a new, Advance Family Planning, initiative that seeks to revitalize political and financial commitments in nine countries through African women leaders and their networks.

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