21 November 2016



In support of the updated Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health BayerHealthCare (BHC) commits to expand its successful youth-centric health programs over the coming five years under the umbrella of the World Contraception Day initiative and its related “It’s Your Life – It’s Your Future” campaign, to supporting increased levels of contraceptive awareness and knowledge about sexual and reproductive health amongst adolescents and youth worldwide through the provision of medically accurate and unbiased sexuality education via national, regional, and global programs.

In collaboration with other civil society organizations, NGOs, advocacy groups, and governments, Bayer works to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people with the goal of ensuring that every pregnancy is wanted. Apart from access to modern contraceptives, self-determined family planning also requires knowledge. Therefore, Bayer commits to supporting World Contraception Day, through financial and in-kind support worth over USD $8,400,000 per year over the next five years. The campaign’s activities culminate every year on September 26 with a wide range of events, press conferences and concerts in about 70 countries all over the world with the mission to improve awareness of all contraceptive methods to enable young people – regardless of whether they are male or female, married or unmarried and sexually active or not – to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.