04 February 2018

Amorepacific Group

The goal of Amorepacific Group’s ‘20 by 20’ Commitment to Every Woman Every Child (2017-2020) is to beautify the lives of 200,000 women by the year 2020 by contributing to their health, well-being, and economic empowerment. Their vision is one where every woman can live her best life, as she desires, and contribute to A MORE Beautiful World.

Amorepacific will contribute to reducing the mortality rate of female cancer and improving the lives of female cancer patients through supporting preventative education, screening of women’s cancer (breast, gynecological cancer), cancer surgery for low-income women and post-surgery care and self-esteem restoration for female cancer patients. In order to do so, they plan to annually support 49,000 women with a minimum budget of KRW 3.5 billion(USD 3.08 million). This program is operated mainly in Korea and China, with plans to expand to Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

Furthermore, Amorepacific will also contribute to women’s independence and cultivate gender equality by enhancing women’s economic empowerment. In order to do so, their goal is to annually support 1,000 women with a minimum budget of KRW 3.5 billion(USD 3.08 million) for the foundation of women employment, economic independence, and confidence restoration. Beginning from Korea, this program will strengthen its capability and gradually expand to regions of the globe where Amorepacific offices and production sites are located.

Amorepacific is committing a total of KRW 7 billion (USD 6.16 million) annually.

For further information, please check out Amorepacific’s website featuring their EWEC commitment here.