21 November 2016

Aman Foundation

2012—London Family Planning Summit

The Aman Foundation commits US $5 million over the next five years on a matching basis with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in additional funds for family planning programs and initiatives in Karachi, Pakistan. These funds are for the purpose of facilitating research in integrated family health service delivery and family planning programs that are strategic to increase the number of new family planning users through improved quality of services, introduction to new contraceptive methods, innovative service delivery interventions and demand generation. The Aman Foundation also commits to enhancing partnerships with local community-based organizations, the private sector and the public sector through an integrated community-based approach. The Aman Foundation will improve quality and effectiveness of family planning programs and services in the targeted project areas, and will help to increase women’s and girls’ ability to make informed decisions and have access to the most appropriate family planning services and supplies.