Featured Partner: Caring & Living as Neighbours

Caring & Living as Neighbours is an Australian-based NGO committed to a community development approach to helping children who are living with chronic health conditions in resource poor countries so they might enjoy the highest quality of life possible. 


What's New?

  • IHME “Financing Global Health 2013”
    Financing Global Health 2013: Transition in an Age of Austerity, IHME’s fifth annual report on global health expenditure, depicts financing trends that underline the resilience of development assistance for health. This year’s updated estimates show that despite lackluster economic growth and fiscal cutbacks in many developed countries, total assistance remained steady, reaching an all-time high of $31.3 billion in 2013. While annual increases have leveled off since 2010, continued international funding is a sign of the international development community’s enduring support for global health.To learn more click here
  • PMNCH knowledge Summary-Online Survey
    A new Knowledge Summary from PMNCH on newborn health, “Delivering our Future: Survival and Health for Every Newborn”, explores key evidence and proven interventions that can reduce at least two thirds of the estimated 2.9 million newborns that die, and the additional 2.6 million babies that are stillborn each year.The knowledge summary identifies three critical areas within the continuum of care for preventing newborn deaths and disability namely: care during, labour childbirth and immediate newborn care including resuscitation and management of complications.  To learn more click here.

  • Using Global Frameworks for National Impact: Guidelines for in-country advocates on maternal, newborn and child health
    World Vision’s Child Health Now campaign has developed a guidance document for in-country advocates on global frameworks relating to maternal, newborn and child health. To view the document click here. For more information click here.

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